How to choose a logo designer for your Business

This is something that pops up a lot. So I thought I’d write this blog for all of you wanting to know what path is right for you. This is for any business serious about getting professional logo design or redesign. It’s not for tyre kickers, micro-business, or hobbyists that are keen to DIY.

Now if you’re part of any kind of business-related Facebook group and you asked about ‘How to choose a logo designer for your Business’, you will get the seagulls. They jump on and comment ‘I’m a logo designer and my logos start at $50’. Then you get all the other designers going ‘oh my god that’s too cheap!’ Or ‘that’s way too expensive!’. Nek minnit there is a designer frenzy and it makes you regret asking anything at all.

Then in come, the Karens (apologies to all the awesome Karens out there, obviously I’m referring to the shit ones) with ‘You know what? You should go to Fiverr. You’ll get it for like $5!’ That’s where I got mine done. (Insert generic crappy logo that has been done to death)

Oh then a personal fav!! Go to 99 Designs! You get to make designers compete for your design and you only pay for the design you want….. Righto mate, next time I need some horse feed, I’ll have the produce shop feed my horse for a week and I’ll pick who wins and pay you the minimal cost. I reckon they will tell me to get fucked…

Am I sounding like a stuck up designer yet? Well, I can tell you one thing, I’m far from stuck up. BUT I will tell you how it is. And this is how it is…

To pick the designer for you…

Dust off the laptop and start searching for designers that design in your industry. Yep there are designers that specialize in all sorts of weird and wonderful industries. The budget won’t matter if you love their work,  A decent logo will cost you from four figures and up. If you just spat your coffee out I’ll tell you exactly what is involved in creating a logo…


What’s in a logo design

Getting to know you and what you like and don’t like. If you don’t hit it off with your designer now, it’s not going to work. 

Getting a design brief from you. We have to work out exactly what you want. This is time-consuming. 

Setting expectations and time frames. Don’t be a dick, this shit takes time. We’re not sitting on our hands we are working on other shit as well as yours so calm the fuck down.

Hours and hours of research. This research is for your industry. Also inspiration and to see what has already been created in your industry and others so they can avoid having logos too similar. Its also called market research for those playing at home.

Paying for shit you thought was free…I’m talking about fonts. They cost money. Yes, you can use Arial if you are into boring as bat shit and want to look like every other Tom, Dick and Harry but a professional designer won’t allow it.

Colour. Sounds simple but I could talk for days about colour. Choosing the right colours for your logo and your brand is as important as your business name.

Logo application. We need to make sure your logo can be used EVERYWHERE! I’m talking in print and online. This is for all those fans of watercolour logos. Look nice on paper and in print. Looks shit when you’re trying to embroid uniforms.

File types. We don’t just give you a PDF of your logo. You also get EPS, PNG and JPG files so you are covered across web and print.

Foundations. Your logo is a foundation of your brand. It helps elevate your brand and sets the path for brand recognition.

Variations. A good designer will always provide you with variations of your logo. That’s when you have the main logo, an avatar of your logo, the logo with tagline and sometimes a monochrome version of your logo. Also, a stacked version in case you have a horizontal logo that needs to appear in a portrait space.

Size! What’s the point of a fancy of AF logo if you can’t see it or know what it is when it’s reduced in size?

A style guide or branding manual that shows you all your logo variations, placement, white space and a heap of other stuff. This is your bible whenever you need your logo on something.

Finally,  support. A good logo designer will support you long after the logo has been created.

So here is why I don’t recommend platforms like Fiverr. Straight up unless you’re hiring someone that speaks and knows your language, there will be a language barrier. It may not seem like much but trust me it is. And before Karen jumps in and calls me racist, it’s not. It’s a simple fact of communication.

Now I’m not saying that Fiverr and those other companies are no good. There are qualified designers on those websites but you won’t hire them for $5 a logo. They might start at $5,000 a logo. The old get ‘you to get what you pay for’ will come into effect. 

You’ll get the odd person that says ‘I paid $5 for mine and it’s fine I love it!’ I’ve had that before where somebody’s told me about how you need their logo with and then I’ve dumped in Google search and found 7 businesses with exactly the same logo. So if you think you’re getting something unique for $5 you might want to think again.

Then you get other ones that also recommend similar software or programs like Canva so you can make your own. Look I could probably make my own cheese but why the fuck would I when there is an entire industry dedicated to making it?


Choose your logo designer

I realise budget comes into it but if you want a decent logo you will budget accordingly. Obviously, I design for fellow Misfits, you check out my pricing.  To help you look for an experienced logo designer in other industries I’ve compiled a list of fellow designers that I either know, have worked with or am an acquaintance with.

Misfit Branding Logo Design

Are you a true Misfit and want your logo designed by me? Or are you a nosey designer checking out how much I charge? Either way, you can see my process, whats involved and download my costs.

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