Top 5 ways to get your business online for free!

Get on Google

Google’s search engine market share is more than 90%. So before you say I use Yahoo or Bing or what the fuck ever, I want you to think of this: there are almost 4.39 billion internet users, 90% of them use Google. Meaning  Google users worldwide is nearly four billion. Do I have your attention now? 

Google my Business

Join Social Media

Most of us have at least a Facebook account. If you don’t that’s fine but you will need one if you want to set up a Facebook Business Page. Don’t like Facebook? Cool, what about Instagram? Linkedin? Twitter? (Do people still use Twitter?) Don’t forget YouTube! The second biggest search engine. There’s also Snapchat, TikTok, and ClubHouse.

Free website with Mailchimp

I freaking love Mailchimp. Traditionally a free email campaign builder. It has evolved into a heap of areas. One of which is creating a free website that can help you sell products, schedule appointments, and more. 


Bing is a thing

Bing is like the distant redneck cousin of Google. Its the third largest search engine globally. The best thing about it, is you can import your Google My Business listing! So you may not need to do a heap of copy and pasting details.


Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages was the only place to advertise your business back in the 80s and 90s. Seriously if you weren’t in there no one knew who you were. How times have changed. Still the Yellow pages have amazing branding and have survived into the digital world.

Top 5 ways to get your business online for free

Want a copy?

You might have the best business in the local area but if you can’t be found online you have lost a shitload of customers. Find out how to get your business online for freeeeeeee! Download a copy and start getting online!GET A COPY

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